About investment in Barcelona

  • Non-residents can easily purchase housing, offices, stores and other real estate (with ownership)
  • The average yield is the highest among developed countries in Europe
  • Civil law and fees for real estate vary by state
  • Catalonia only purchased from a residential building contractor
  • About half of the investors are from foreigners
  • Property taxes and administrative costs are cheaper than other developed countries
As you can see in the graph, the average housing yield in Barcelona as of 2019 is 7.5%. By neighborhood, Nou Barris (2,458 euros / m2) and HortaGuinardó (3,021 euros / m2) are the highest, with 6.5% and 5.5% respectively, and SantMartí (18 euros / m2), the highest rental in Barcelona. And the returns of Ciutat Vella (19.1 euros / m2) are 5.3% and 5.1%, respectively, above the Barcelona average.

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