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Long Stay Visa

Takumi Spain

Spanish Real Estate Investment Visa (Golden Visa) / Permanent Resident

Permanent Resident Golden Visa
Apply for real estate investment visa → permanent residence by purchasing properties (commercial properties, offices, residential properties, etc.) enforced by the Spanish government from September 30, 2013 for a total of 500,000 euros or more (a total of 2 or more properties is OK) I can do it.
You can get a visa and permanent residence after purchasing a real estate property even if you are outside Spain.
To obtain a real estate investment visa (golden visa), it is recommended to seek the advice of an attorney before starting the procedure, as the acquisition time may be delayed or the acquisition may fail depending on the documents to be prepared and submitted. .. In particular, he is an expert in Japanese immigration law and accepts consultations.
Please contact us for details

Benefits of visa (golden visa) by acquiring real estate

  • There may be a profit when renting and selling the purchased real estate. → The best yield in developed European countries.

  • You can maintain your permanent residence in Spain by renewing your real estate visa in Spain, which is easier to obtain with a cheaper investment than in other European countries by investing in real estate.

  • You may be able to update even if you are not in Spain

  • Purchase of properties that can save tax by depreciation

  • Family visits and stays in Spain and European countries under the European Shungen Agreement


Benefits of permanent residence in Spain

  • As the healthiest country in the world, Spain has overtaken Italy to become number one in the world. According to the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Spain's life expectancy is expected to be the longest in the world by 2040. It is the longest in the European Union (EU) .

  • Life is rich The weather is good and there are few disasters like in Japan, and people are very nice. With the sea, mountains, and skiing, it is the most popular destination for retirement and long stays in Europe and around the world.

  • Travel all over Europe based in Spain

  • Recently, as a major Japanese IT company wants to become a hub in Europe, excellent IT engineers from all over the world have migrated, and the investment power of Smart City is increasing. (Like Silicon Valley is sunny and talented engineers from all over the world are migrating)

Case of a person who applied for a golden visa at our company

One investment property for home use

Mr. A, who retired in Japan At first, I had no plans to move to Spain, but I decided to move to a country other than Japan after retirement.

After hearing that the weather and people were good, I went sightseeing in Barcelona to try it out. I also traveled to European countries looking for other settlements.

I thought I couldn't understand the language, but I decided to move because I had the impression that it was a city where locals in Spain could guide me in various ways.

I currently have one property for myself and one for investment. I bought it in 2017. It was 2018 when I moved from Japan to apply for a real estate visa. He quickly found a loan for investment housing and now the yield is rising.

Share house private management

Designers in their 30s I've also worked as a designer, and since I was a student I've always liked the deep Spanish interiors of Spain, especially Madrid and Toledo.

One day I wanted to live in Spain, but my parents and relatives around me wanted to invest in it, so I took the plunge and bought a four-room property in Barcelona for 500,000 euros.

Currently, I have one room for myself, and I continue to design at home with Japanese customers online. The other two rooms are rented to Japanese people in a shared manner, and the smallest room is used for storage. Spain doesn't have that much work, so it's a good idea to run a private share house with a real estate visa.

Operate two investment properties, one for home use

Former office lady got a lot of money, so I searched for a property for a golden visa in Valencia, which I longed for. I think I've been to the site four times. After all, I bought two rental properties for myself and for investment in the same building. Using a special method that allows you to apply before the registration is completed (consultation required by an attorney), the application procedure was completed quickly.

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