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Investment in Barcelona

Takumi Spain

Merits of Spain Property

  • Non-residents can easily purchase housing, offices, stores and other real estate (with ownership)

  • The average yield is the highest among developed countries in Europe

  • Civil law and fees for real estate vary by state

  • Catalonia only purchased from a residential building contractor

  • About half of the investors are from foreigners

  • Property taxes and administrative costs are cheaper than other developed countries

*Under the current law, the real estate acquisition tax will be halved for purchasers under  30 years old.


Recent Property Rent

  • Among the big cities in Europe, Barcelona is 7th and Madrid is 10th. However, among these big cities, the real estate square unit price is cheap in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. It has the highest yield in developed European countries and is ideal for long-term investment.


  • In addition, although Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia are popular cities, the property price is much cheaper, about one-third compared to London, Paris, etc., and foreigners from the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. are migrating and demand. Is very high and low vacancy rates are attractive to investors.

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