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Visa and Immigration Law

Takumi Spain

Permanent Resident/Golden Visa

From September 30, 2013, you can apply for a real estate investment visa → permanent residence by purchasing a property (commercial property, office, residential property, etc.) of 500,000 euros or more, which was enforced by the Spanish government. The Spanish government may suddenly stop issuing this visa due to economic recovery, so early application is recommended. Once you have applied, you can get permanent residency if you clear the renewal conditions.

​It is attractive that it can be acquired and renewed while outside Spain.


Long Stay (Retirement) Visa

Spain's long stay visa and retirement visa have loose conditions and can be obtained relatively quickly regardless of age. It is possible to obtain if you have a certain amount of income, not a retirement visa.

This year, Spain overtook Italy as the healthiest country in the world. It also has the longest average life expectancy in Europe, and may overtake Japan to become the number one country by 2040. Good weather, almost no disasters, and many people migrate in search of a healthy food culture and lifestyle.
​Spain is the most popular migration destination in Europe.


 Apply Visa

In order to obtain it, there is a possibility that the acquisition time will be delayed or the acquisition will fail depending on the document preparation and submission documents.

We recommend that you seek legal advice before proceeding. We specialize in immigration law especially for Japanese nationals, and are available for consultation on the latest laws.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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