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Special feature on properties near Sagrada Familia


3 minutes walk from Sagrada Familia Sardinya street

4 rooms. View of Sagrada Familia from the terrace. A bargain at a selling price of 299,000 € near the Sagrada Familia. Although it is a little historic property, it is highly possible that the real estate value will still rise in the future.


1 minute walk from Sagrada Familia

1 minute walk from Sagrada Familia. This is a property that has recently been renovated. Convenient living with restaurants, cafes and supermarkets nearby. It is located in a place where a promenade can be built in the future, and rent and real estate prices are expected to rise in the future.


Sagrada Familia Newly Built Property

3 minutes walk from Sagrada Familia. A newly built property that has been demolished. Located on the corner of Valencia Street, it is a new building and is reasonably priced around here. Rent and real estate prices are also expected to rise in the future.


Sagrada Familia outlook The last new building

One of the few new properties in Barcelona. You can see the Sagrada Familia from the terrace. The property inside the completely renovated building with all the rooms inside renovated. Only one more sale in 2020. Convenient transportation life within a 1-minute walk from Sagrada Familia!


Completely renovated property near Sagrada Familia

A completely renovated property inside the entire building, which is a 10-minute walk from the Sagrada Familia. The property on the first floor and rooftop is being resold.


Sagrada Familia view from the veranda

A corner lot property that is a 1-minute walk from Sagrada Familia. View of Sagrada Familia from the terrace. The building office can be remodeled and changed for residential use.


Cheap property near Sagrada Familia 99,000 €

99,000 € . Renovated 1K in the Sagrada Familia area.
It can be used for home or investment. Ideal for those who are investing for the first time.
American kitchen, home appliances including air conditioner, property in a highly profitable area with almost no vacancies

The completion of the Sagrada Familia Church is approaching 2026 (scheduled), and the value of real estate in the surrounding area is gradually increasing.

Gaudi's architectural drawings planned that the south side of the Sagrada Familia would be a green square. Older residential buildings were being built, and it was a matter of controversy between the mayors of Barcelona for generations, whether to destroy them into a green square.

In the latest city planning of Barcelona, ​​the two buildings on the south side will be demolished as shown in the plan below, and it will become a green square in 8-10 years. The main façade will be changed to a promenade as close as possible to the drawings devised by Gaudi, and a parking lot will be constructed underground. There will also be a restaurant and bar.

It was decided to build a 60 meter wide promenade in front of the façade facing Mallorca Street. Therefore, especially the houses on Marina, Mallorca and Valencia streets will pass through depending on the property and you will be able to see the Sagrada Familia.

Therefore, overseas investors have learned this information and have begun investing in nearby properties. In 2026, it's a great place to invest and move to the future.

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